Choosing the right caravan, what you need to know

Revivor-5Nova Caravans has earned a reputation for luxury design and superior customer service for individuals seeking new caravans for sale. Nova Caravans run the gamut, from models for those who enjoy an occasional weekend getaway to creations for families with a spirit of adventure. Whether consumers desire an entry-level model or one for a completely mobile lifestyle, the firm has luxury models to accommodate every requirement.

The award-winning firm provides consumers with edgy design combined with luxury and sophistication to meet the needs of a discerning clientele. Companies only get one opportunity to make an impression on consumers and individuals are often overwhelmed by the features, inclusions and accoutrements offered within Nova Caravans models.

The form, function and beauty of caravans in general have evolved significantly since they were first introduced. Once designed as a purely functional means of traveling inexpensively to other locales, Nova Caravans has eliminated that stereotype with innovations and insight that has elevated its models to works of art.

Sleek, elegant and sophisticated, the company’s creations provide luxurious and comfortable accommodations for anywhere travelers want to journey. The interiors offer an extensive range of modern conveniences and entertainment features. Intelligent design provides floor plans that are convenient and spacious and the company provides customisation options.

Depending upon the model, features in the company’s new caravans for sale include rugged suspension for durability, tinted windows for privacy, and slide-outs for extra room. Some caravan models are equipped with solar power provisions for the environmentally-minded and a drop-down picnic table.

Cameras for safely backing up and roll-out awnings are available, along with stereos, TVs and DVD players. Queen-sized beds and “Back Care” mattresses ensure a restorative night’s sleep. Pull-out pantries, ample storage space, decorative elements and air-conditioning all combine for an experience to rival some of the finest accommodations.

Nova Caravans is an industry leader in new caravans for sale, providing models that incorporate form, function and luxury in a single package. A myriad of floor plans are available to suit every taste. Customisations can be accommodated and the company works with visions of individuals to make their dream a reality.

The firm can be reached by phone at (03) 9930 0900 or by visiting Nova Caravans online.

How to start your own edible garden

edible-gardenEdible gardens in Melbourne used to only be a thing of the past. Rapid growth all over Australia has made gardening a rather time consuming hobby especially since produce has become so readily available to us. Yet the edible gardens are making a comeback of late as people are becoming more and more conscious about the food they put into their bodies and feed to their families. With rising prices and the fear of ingesting pesticide laden produce Australia is starting to look into growing its own produce once again.


4 Reasons to Grow Your Own Produce


  1. Makes Good Health More Accessible to You and Your Own Family

Nothing beats having fresh produce in your own backyard. Having them that fresh actually changes their nutritional value significantly. Having those fresh means you can pick them at their nutritional peak because you don’t have to pick them prematurely to be able to transport them. A study also shows that children who grow up eating fresh produce are more likely to eat and enjoy them through adulthood. Mostly because fresh produce tastes so much better!

  1. Getting Exercise

Ever wonder how our Grammies used to be so fit? They kept moving that’s why, to tend to their gardens specifically. Weeding, planting, and landscaping these are all back breaking hard work. If you don’t believe me, then why do all the gardeners I ever see on TV have six-packs?

  1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Growing your food organically means that you are saving the earth from needless pollution brought about by pesticides. It also means that the produce you consume did not have to use up fuel to be transported to your home and eventually to your plates.

  1. Saves You Money

Have you ever had to go back to the groceries because you realized the vegetables in your crisper have all wilted? Do you remember how much gas that consumed? With the rising prices of gas having your own “supermarket” right in your backyard means that your trips to the grocers will be minimized. The money you save from buying fruits and vegetables that you are now growing in you edible garden can also be appropriated for your family’s other needs.


Are the advantages of edible gardens getting you excited? Well head on out to Botanic Horticulture to get all the tools, all the information, all the help you need to build your edible garden from start to finish. Botanic Horticulture encourages close collaboration with their clients. Through this they will be able to guide you on what plants to include in your garden depending on you and your family’s needs. They will also help you design and conceptualize your garden as well as construct and maintain it.


Whether it’s an herb garden that you want, a couple of vegetable beds or a small hobby orchard you can be sure that you will have fresh produce all year round thanks to Botanic Horticulture. Check them out at


Warming the world

Hydronic home heating is used around the world and to warm retail and warehouse space, hospitals, and offices. An often overlooked usage for hydronic heating is in animal-related businesses. Those engaging in animal husbandry have discovered that the method provides a safe and hygienic environment for valuable animal assets.

Hydronic heating is becoming a popular alternative for those involved in animal-related businesses. For optimum performance, animals require heating and cooling options. Many animal agriculturalists and owners of kennels and catteries utilize huge fans for cooling that require enormous amounts of energy. Heating options often consist of energy-guzzling furnaces and similar methods that are unhygienic, inefficient and are potentially dangerous to humans and livestock.

A hydronic heating system provides the most cost effective means of delivering warmth. Systems employ a boiler to heat water that’s circulated through specially designed pipes placed under concrete flooring. As water circulates through the pipes, heat is radiated and transferred to floor surfaces. The systems can be installed in new pours and existing slabs. Hydronic systems offer efficiency levels that reach up to 90 percent.

Many individuals are choosing hydronic heating for prized pets, but the systems are especially useful for those with vigorous breeding programs. It provides a warm and welcoming environment for newborns and young, valuable animals. A warmed floor is beneficial for animals recovering from illness or injury and for optimal growth.

A hydronic system doesn’t rely on forced air to disperse heat, thereby reducing allergens in the air. It can be used to heat barns, kennels and other facilities during frigid months and for providing relief from summer’s heat. Multiple methods can be used to warm the water, offering owners a variety of options that best fits their needs and operating budgets.

From dairy and poultry farms to horse ranches and kennels, those in animal-related businesses have discovered the benefits of underfloor heating options. Hydronic heating is ecologically friendly and cost effective. An added benefit of hydronic heating is that it acts as a means of drying manure for easy transport and disposal, while reducing ammonia levels that can lead to disease.

The firm can be reached by phone at 0449 883 849. For more information, visit Supreme Hydronics online.

Emergency Plumbing

3Clogged toilets are perhaps one of the most pressing problems facing clients. It’s embarrassing, unsanitary, and if there’s only one bathroom in a home, the situation can be dire. Precision Plumbing clears blockages and can replace or repair toilet cisterns should they sustain a crack or begin leaking.

Precision Plumbing and Earthworks understands that water-related emergencies don’t happen at convenient moments and to fix those problems, the company offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services. The company responds quickly to minimize damage and ensure clients have access to their amenities.
“No matter what time of the day or night, our commitment to providing you with friendly, reliable service doesn’t change,” said Ben Farrell, owner of Precision Plumbing.

Dont wait another minute. Call Precision Plumbing Now on 0421 134 184

Red Crayon Marketing Strategies Amplifies and Enhances Client Messages

Red Crayon New Creative Studio - New HomeCreativity is the impetus for a unique marketing strategy, an area in which Red Crayon excels. Based in Melbourne, the agency’s professionals are experts at developing strategic marketing plans that increase visibility, build brands and communicate client messages through the use of multiple media platforms.

An extensive array of digital services are available that includes website design and development, e-commerce, email marketing and social media applications, along with 3D animation, architectural rendering and graphic design. Each strategy the agency provides is unique and tailored to the client’s specific audience.

The agency conducts in-depth research and guides clients through each stage of the marketing process, helping them identify their target market and build an advertising campaign that reflects their business, objectives and goals for focused results.

Marketing strategies don’t have to be complicated to be effective and the firm’s experts manage all aspects of client marketing requirements. The agency is experienced in presenting client messages through TV commercials, radio, and press releases for online and print media.

Red Crayon delivers effective and aesthetically pleasing marketing strategies and campaigns that showcase clients, their services and products to their target market with a clear and consistent message. Experienced in multiple media platforms, the agency delivers client messages to the right place at the right time for optimum exposure.

A marketing agency isn’t just an option for large corporations. Smaller businesses also benefit from a professionally designed marketing strategy and it’s a vital element in any company’s development and growth. Without a specific marketing strategy, it will be extremely difficult to attract new consumers or retain established customers.

Red Crayon creates and manages marketing strategies for its clients across multiple platforms, relieving them of the time consuming tasks associated with advertising their business. The firm works with entrepreneurs, business owners and non-profit organizations, allowing them to focus on operating their endeavors instead of trying to navigate the complicated process of researching and developing an advertising campaign.

Digital design is an essential part of modern marketing and Red Crayon has earned a reputation for eye-catching and effective digital advertising through the use of banners, website development and 3D architectural rendering that’s utilized across multiple avenues to establish brands. Digital design enables a host of opportunities that the agency utilizes to further client goals.

Located at Level 3, 132-136 Albert Road in South Melbourne, for more information call +61 (0)3 9533 2211or visit Red Crayon online. The agency maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.